The wellbeing gym for mental health.

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Hello Simple.

There are too many barriers to accessing high-quality mental wellbeing support.

Our Approach

Accelerating your personal growth and self-development through early intervention.


Access to the moment’s journal, smart coach and to our wellbeing community for tracking growth and self-guided support.


Get additional wellbeing support through therapist engagement to enhance your personal growth and self-development journey.


360° engagement with on-demand guided support from practitioners through live sessions, assessments and routine check-ins.

Core Benefits

Personal growth begins with self-awareness and self-understanding. This self-discovery gives us an insightful perspective of our personality, values, and core beliefs. It also helps us:

Increase Performance and Overall Confidence

Enhance Focus and Reduce Wasteful Activities

Improve Decision Making and Emotional Intelligence  

About Us

We believe that having the opportunity to be more resilient and self-aware should be a right. Not a privilege. This started with our mental health which has now led us to a mission to make mental wellbeing affordable and accessible to everyone.