Company Updates: November 2021

Well, it’s been an outstanding month for Moment One. We are getting closer to our alpha release, we are welcoming new and experienced advisors. We have received some more positive acknowledgements in the media.

Recently this month, Startup Pill voted Moment One as one of the top 11 health & wellness start-ups in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was an excellent acknowledgement and something that really motivates us as a team to keep pushing forward.

We are now pushing very hard as a team to make sure the Alpha is ready and prepared for January 2022. This is something that is a massive challenge to an early stage start-up, but we are knocking it out of the park with massive thanks to Mirza (Chief Technology Officer) for the continued development progress. ⭐

With the Alpha release being available to the public and businesses, we have begun to touch base with different firms across the UK to bring their organisations on to Moment One. This is a very crucial stage for us as it’s our first public B2B outreach as well as a vital phase of our validation process before our investment funding round next year.

We are putting in the final touches for the Alpha release before Christmas, so stay tuned and keep informed of all the new updates with Moment One, including our exclusive (December: Year Review) blog update. 😍

This blog post was created with ❤️ by Aaron Reid (Chief Commercial Officer)